The dining table is designed and constructed by architect Tabitha Pope and Carpenter Giles Thaxton. The design is inspired by the history of street parties in the East End of London. The table is made out of green oak using traditional mortice and tenon joints. The top is engraved with tablecloth patterns and quotes, which were selected during workshops held with local residents.

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On Wednesday 28th July 2010 Tabitha and I held a workshop with a group at a Day Service Centre in Leyton. The aim of the workshop was to explore patterns and pattern making. Tabitha also demonstrated wood carving to show how patterns can be inscribed onto the table top.

Workshop - 28th July

The Design and Making of the Table

An initial drawing of the table by Tabitha

Workshop - 24th September 2010

A workshop in Walthamstow Market and visits to residents of Coppermill Lane to photograph patterns on their tablecloths.

Constructing the Table - October 2010

Installing the Table - October 2010

Celebrating the Table - 17th October 2010