In October 2010 Table on the Marsh presents a grand oak dining table on Coppermill Fields in Walthamstow Marshes. 
The dining table is a space for feasting and for creating connections amongst friends and strangers. The project hopes to encourage people to be inventive about how they use public space. It champions the dining table and food as great ways of bringing people together.

Walthamstow is an inspiring area for this project to take place. The Marsh is part of Lee Valley Parks, which stretches 26 miles along the River Lee. The area is well loved and people using this amazing green space in many different ways. 

This project has been conceived by Alexandra Parry. You can read a small bit about the history of the project (click) HERE! and you can contact her at

This project has been funded by UnLtd and Lee Valley Park. They have been essential to the project in providing both support and money.