Meredith Moore - 19th March 2010

Hugo De Armas Esteves - 29th March 2010

Here are some stories and encounters with people I have met on the Marshes. The archive also includes events that have been part of the project. Click on a picture to find out more. If you have photographs or a story that you would like to add to this collection please email me at

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Beating the Bounds Walk - 9th May 2010

Archies First Birthday - 14th May 2010

Squatters Football Tournamant, Hackney Marshes - 22nd May 2010

Leyton Day Service Centre - 28th July 2010

Walthamstow Market and Residents of Coppermill Lane - 24th September 2010

Lacuna - Photographs by Colin Buttimer

Snowbound - Photographs by Colin Buttimer

Walthamstow Marshes - Photographs by Coralie Mattys

Constructing the Table - Photographs by Giles Thaxton

Carving the table - Photographs by Steve Wright

Janet Da Silva Jorge and Giacomo Furlanetto’s coverage of the opening feast on the 17th October 2010

A trip to Hackney’s Recycling hub - 17th October 2010. Photographs by Tabitha Pope and Alexandra Parry

Installing the dining table - 11th - 17th October. Photographs taken by the installation team!